Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sex appeal in today's society:A rant on life.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I guess stuff got to me and I was busy. Anyways!

My fluff of the Day is on the idiocy of today's society.
Really, you go down the street, and everything is based on sex appeal. People will usually buy things if the person marketing it will sell it to them. I know some people who won't listen to some music because the singer isn't hot enough. But! That's not my problem this time.
I'm ticked off because of highschool relationships. I have people come up to me, and ask me why I'm hanging out with someone...because they're "totally not hot!". I couldn't care less. If I based my opinions of people on how they looked, I'd just be another conformist. Really, I'm friends with the people I'm friends with because they have great personalities.
As well, I hear daily conversations from people is seeking advice from friends. It usually goes like this:
"Hey, I just got asked out by this guy in my Social Studies class!"
"Really? Is he hot?"
"You should go out with him!"

Or, it proceeds like this:
"Hey, John asked me out today."
"Oh, you mean that John from science?"
"Yah, what should I do?"
"Ew, I wouldn't go out with him, he's ugly!"

If you think the either situation is incredibly pathetic, I applaud you and your opinion. I will conclude by saying that I see this as an unbelievably pathetic act, and I will give you two of my favorite quotes.

I'd rather be hated as someone I am, than liked as someone I'm not.

All the nice men are ugly, all the handsome men are mean and all the nice and handsome men are gay.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Fluff and stuff- The creation!

Wow, I never thought I'd found myself doing this(and if I had, it was probably forgotten quickly). For some reason, I never could see myself writing a blog...Probably because I thought of it as a diary. It was finally my mother who encouraged me to express my creativity through a blog.

My Fluff of the Day is what's your addiction? I've always pondered the question, 'if my parents took something away from me, what would I miss the most?' (other than the necessities of life, that is). I went through so many things.
My first thought was the internet. A lot of my life, my friends and my inspiration comes from the internet. Which is why it was my first guess. Although, I soon realized that without the internet, I could still find things to do, and it would not be the end of the world(though very close to it).
Second, I thought of the things I need to draw/write. If they took away all my anime drawing books, my pencils and my paper, I wouldn't be able to draw or write my poetry or stories. In turn, that would be horrible, but I would still have things to do...and I could live without it.,
Third, I thought my friends. If I could never see my friends again, it would be so extremely horrid, I would fall into depression. I love my friends so much, and I would never sell them off or ditch them, no matter what. But, yet again, that idea passed, because there was one thing above all of this that I needed to complete me.
My imagination. If they found a way to take away my imagination and my creativity, I would lose the spark I see in every day. Every night, I dream ideas, and I imagine things. Every morning, I picture the day ahead and what I will do. Every afternoon, I wonder and think of what I will do in the evening, and every evening, I picture what I will dream. If I had no imagination, I would truly die on the inside, because I would have no excitement, no longing, no thrill. There would be nothing to wish or hope for, because I would not be able to imagine what I want or what I will want or even what I will have.
Because I have found this answer, I now treasure my creativity. I know there are some people out there who have limited imaginations and I am glad I am not them, because I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like if I lost what I have now.

Thanks for reading!